What Do They Think of You?(Naruto)

12. května 2008 v 12:15 | Miako Suzuki |  testy
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Uzumaki Naruto: Thinks you're really nice. You're his best friend.
Uchiha Sasuke: Says you're a loser and that you're weak, but just a little something in you is sparking something in him.
Haruno Sakura: Likes you because you're getting Naruto off of her, and that you aren't trying to get Sasuke.
Aburame Shino: Thinks you're weak and you can't think for yourself.
Hyuga Hinata: Idolizes you, because Naruto likes you so much.
Inuzuka Kiba: Thinks you're hot, but that's it.
Akamaru: Thinks you're a good firehidrant.

Akimichi Choji: Thinks you are fat. (me: well then...)
Yamanaka Ino: Thinks your hair is beautiful, but you should cut it short, just in case of Sasuke.
Nara Shikamaru: Thinks you're pretty smart. He has a secret crush on you.
Temari: Thinks you're weak, but you both have exchanged words every so often.
Kankuro: Thinks you're sexy and says it too, but you can't beat him up, because he'll squash you.
Gaara: Doesn't think you're worth his time. Frankly, you don't like him all that much either.
TenTen: Thinks you're an amazing fighter, but you need to not care so much about the opponent.
Hyuga Neji: Thinks you are beautiful and graceful. You may not be the strongest ninja, but you've got a strong will.
Rock Lee: Thinks you're pretty and you're his muse for fighting.
Hatake Kakashi: Thinks you're a pretty good fighter, and you'll last for a long time in the Chuunin exams.
-but don't forget-
Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage: Thinks you should spend more time training than hanging out with your friends.
Uchiha Itachi: Has seen you from afar and secretly thinks you're magnifacent. But he won't let anyone know, will he?
Orochimaru: Thinks you're a weakling, and you're not worth living.
Rank you evenutally achieved: Chuunin.
Reputation: The girl who gets a hidden power when fighting, because she's weak nearly every other time.
Boyfriend: Neji.
First Kiss: After a hard day of immense training, you rested out on a large patch of soft grass. The stars illuminated the opaque sky. You slid your hands beneath your head and you sighed. Suddenly, you blinked and took a deep intake of breath, like a gasp.
This was Neji's spot! You remembered him talking about this with TenTen. Between the two largest trees in the forest... You turned to the tree above you-- they were pretty darn tall. You bit your lip and rolled your eyes. Great, now Neji's going to come down and get angry at you.
As if on cue, a slight noise rose within the wind, and you adverted your gaze to it.
"And you're here... why?" Neji asked with a raised brow.
You grinned sheepishly. "Beeeee-cause..." Looking for an excuse, you blurted out the first thing that came to your mind. "I... wanted to see you!"
"...Really?" He seemed taken aback, and joined you on the grass.
"Uh, yeah...! Of course!" Go with it, go with it... You told yourself. Neji bought it! "So... how have you been?"
Neji didn't answer. You frowned up at the sky, almost expecting the stars to respond.
You closed your eyes before you replied, "Fine, then." Everything relaxed, and you felt yourself falling asleep. Before you lost yourself to your dreams, you felt a presence on your face. Breath.
Peering through an open eye, you saw Neji, laying right over you. A sudden blush rapidly spread over your cheeks, thick like butter on bread. "Uh, Neji?"
"Do you believe in fate?" He asked. Neji seemed serious about the question.
You thought for a moment. "Well... It depends in the situation I guess."
"So, do you?"
You raised an eyebrow whilst your eyes gained a playful reflection. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
He blinked, but you only smiled. You quickly pulled your arms out from behind your head and pulled his neck down, smashing his lips onto yours. After the shock set in, Neji snaked his arms around your waist to complete the kiss.
Neji looked down at you with a smirk. "Maybe I do."
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1 Kira Kira | E-mail | Web | 12. května 2008 v 16:09 | Reagovat

:D to mas good ^^

2 P&S P&S | Web | 12. května 2008 v 19:29 | Reagovat

mne to vislo u niektorych ludi presne opacne XD

3 June Nasaki June Nasaki | Web | 14. května 2008 v 17:36 | Reagovat

no...ještě tak tomu rozumět XD

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